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To help create a greener tomorrow, we actively strive to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve the planet’s resources.

We were one of the first in the industry to comply with ISO14001.  In 2009, we also registered with the Forest Stewardship Council for a Chain-of-Custody Certificate, and eco-friendliness is an important consideration in all our decision-making processes.  Through the adoption of sustainable business practices and technological innovation, we are committed to ensuring the concept of green manufacturing is implemented in every facet of our operations.

    Product Development:

  • We design and develop innovative products with simple and green materials. 

    • Eco-friendliness is a key consideration in sourcing raw materials and selecting service partners.
    • As a FSC-accredited company, we support chain-of-custody practices.
      • Our eco-friendly CTP plate processor features a prolonged chemical lifecycle to minimize chemical use and reduce workers’ exposure to these substances. 
      • Our customers enjoy the option of a soft proofing system.  This technology exactly re-produces the same colour effect on calibrated monitors as will appear on the physical copy, thus enabling a substantial reduction in paper and ink consumption during the colour proofing process.  
      • Recycling of used ink cartridges: All used digital proofer ink cartridges are returned to manufacturers for recycling.
        • In contrast with traditional petroleum-based oil, inks made from vegetable oil are more easily removed from waste paper during de-inking, and the pigments contain fewer heavy metals. We use vegetable based oil in order to reduce VOC emissions wherever possible.
        • Ink-saving software: Through the adoption of ink-saving software and meticulous file adjustments, our ink consumption during the printing of ink-heavy items has been reduced by 15-20%. 
           Research &Appllication
          • We invest in scientific researches and experiments regarding materials functionalities and production facilities with the aim of further reducing our resources consumption and carbon emissions. 
            Dormitories and Canteens :
            • A hot-pulp water supply system is used in all dormitories. 
            • We actively encourage the reuse of materials and avoid the use of disposable cutlery. 
            • We promote waste reduction and good housekeeping through 6S management. 
                Office and Plant Management :
              • Lawn planting on buildings' roof-top to provide an extra layer of thermal insulation to the buildings thereby slashing energy consumption. 
              • We strive to reduce process waste, and maximize reuse and recycling wherever possible.
              • Our plant features a bio-degradable discharge system.
              • We have a non-smoking policy in all offices and peripheral areas.
              • All carbon cartridges, batteries and unused fluorescent lights are collected and returned for recycling.
              • Installation of energy-saving window glass in office building to reduce temperature indoor
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